CBD Oil For Epilepsy

CBD Oil For The Management Of Epilepsy

zenpro for epilepsyCBD Oil is a drug that is popularly used in the treatment/ management of epilepsy. The oil consists of cannabidiol (CBD) as the most active ingredient. Cannabidiol is one of the eighty-five active cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD has strong anti-oxidation properties that make the oil have both anti-ischemic and neuro-protective effects.

CBD oil is very effective in treating/ managing epilepsy, including the Dravet syndrome (a rare type of epilepsy that is quite difficult to treat).

The medication is natural, legal and absolutely safe. It’s prepared by adding olive oil and other ingredients until the CBD ingredient reaches the regulatory minimum levels.

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What Is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological disease that is characterized by generalized, partial or convulsive seizures. Generalized epileptic seizures are very common, and may either be tonic-clonic, atonic, tonic, absence or myoclonic.

The disease may be caused by brain injury, genetic mutations, stroke, drug use, or brain tumor.

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Epileptic seizures occur due to abnormal and excessive activities of the cortical nerve cell in the brain. It’s diagnosed by taking images of a patient’s brain and conducting blood tests. Carrying out an electroencephalogram (EEG) is the most effective way of confirming that a patient suffers from epilepsy.

CBD Oil for Epilepsy

Many patients who suffer from severe epilepsy have undergone several interventions such as brain-numbing medications, strict diets, brain surgeries, spiritual interventions and/or electrical stimulation devices (implanted in their brains) with little or no success.

CBD oil  for epilepsy is very effective in managing this stubborn medical condition. The use of cannabidiol-rich medication in treating epilepsy and other diseases characterized by seizures has been practiced for decades (including our ancestors who lived in ancient China, Rome, India, Greece and Africa).

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Although scientists have established the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating epilepsy, economic, political and sociological interests have been the main motivations for suppressing and controlling its use. This is because CBD oil contains cannabidiol (one of the eighty-five active cannabinoids found in cannabis) as the most active ingredient.

Recently, two scientists carried out a randomized experiment using CBD oil on nine patients suffering from epilepsy. 200mg of the oil was administered to four of them daily, while the rest were given placebos.

At the end of the experiment, the scientists found out that two of the four patients who were given 200mg of CBD oil during the course of the experiment stopped experiencing epileptic seizures forthwith, while the reaming two suffered less frequent epileptic seizures. The other five patients continued suffering from the condition.

Two other scientists, Jacobson and Porter (2013), conducted a survey on patients who were using specific prescription drugs supplemented with CBD Oil to treat drug-resistant epilepsy. The research scientists discovered that drug-resistant epileptic patients who used CBD Oil alongside other prescription drugs experienced less frequent epileptic seizures than those who only used prescription drugs without supplementing with CBD oil.

zenpro guaranteeEpileptic patients who use CBD oil experience not only reduced frequency of epileptic seizures, but also have increased alertness, improved sleep (quality and quantity) and enhanced moods.

Scientists have proved that CBD oil for epilepsy has powerful anti-convulsive effects, and has the capacity to reduce or completely eliminate epileptic seizures and also improve spasticity and consciousness. It’s therefore very effective in treating/managing epilepsy.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

The oil is usually prepared by lowering the concentration of cannabidiol to safe and recommended levels (as required by the state). All the other ingredients used are safe for human consumption.

Unlike THC based medications, CBD oil is non-psychoactive and doesn’t cause much stimulation. This is because it doesn’t act on the CB1 receptors (the cells found in high concentrations in the brain that cause mind-altering effects).

The oil is considered safe because it doesn’t interfere with most of the psychological and psychomotor functions.

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Are There Any Side Effects?

Most of the epileptic patients who have used the medication have reported that it doesn’t cause any serious side effects apart from mild fatigue and drowsiness.

How Is It Used?

Patients who suffer from epilepsy can either ingest CBD oil orally or integrate it into their cooking recipe. The recommended dosage shouldn’t be exceeded because it may cause serious medical complications.

It should be safely stored away from direct heat and light, and also away from small children.

Is CBD Oil for Epilepsy Legal?

The oil is legal in many countries because it contains very low concentration of cannabidiol. Many countries across the world have classified cannabidiol (the main ingredient) as either Schedule 1 or Schedule 11 drug.

Recently, U.S.A’s FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved a request for the conduction of clinical trials of CBD oil in treating some rare forms of epilepsy.

A patent that was awarded to U.S.A’s Health & Human Services comprehensively covers application of CBD Oil in the management/ treatment of certain inflammatory and neurodegenerative disorders related to epilepsy

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